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Bountiful Blessings Office Building

Phone:  (717) 802-1222

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Our Staff
Terry Orendi
Ron Orendi, Director of Operations
Ron Orendi
Director of Operations
Chuck Cheeseman, Delivery Driver
Chuck Cheeseman
Delivery Driver
Shari Norton - Western PA Delivery Driver
Shari Norton
Western PA Delivery Driver
Mike Kiner - Warehouse Team
Mike Kiner
Warehouse Team
Jean Gillespie
Promotions & Events Team
Pam Sharp
Office Support Team
Tom Sharp
Warehouse Support Team
George Mills
Landscaping and
 Maintenance Team
Amanda Bowers
Office Support Staff
Gino Santamaria
Delivery Driver and
Promotions & Events Team
Beth Santamaria
Promotions & Events Team
Kathleen Walker
Warehouse Support Team
Jeff Walker
Warehouse Support Team