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Other Programs

Several programs have branched out from Bountiful Blessings®. These additional programs complement the Bountiful Blessings® program in an effort to meet the needs of people in each community who have fallen on tough times.

Literacy Program offers need-based families an opportunity to gain a love of reading by building their home libraries, providing books for both adults and children.

Christmas/Holiday Gift Program offers a stuffed animal and a brand new book for children ages newborn to 17.

Summer Reading Program provides each child with a brand new book on his or her own grade level that they can read and enjoy while school is not in session.

Bountiful Harvest offers a variety of fresh vegetables at
 the end of the summer.

Back to School Session enables children of need-based families to start the school year with essential school supplies.

Community Service Certification. We offer opportunities for scouts and school age children to earn credit hours toward certificates and awards. We also offer an opportunity for community service hours for individuals under judge or court mandates.

At the end of the Lenten Season each child receives an Easter Egg filled with candy. We also offer the opportunity for each family to receive a brand new Bible in their native language.

Note: Not all side programs are available at every location.
 Please contact Bountiful Blessings for specific program information.

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